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The videos on this list either once were, or currently are being sold in Japan.  Many can be purchased from sites like Amazon Japan, YesAsia, JpopHelp, CDJapan, or HMV Japan.  However, some older videos may already be out of print and only available through other means such as auction sites or individual sales.

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EKS-D ParaPara

2009.07.08CD+DVDKing of TechnoJC RecordsJCCDA-1
2009.06.10CD+DVDDancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2009
ダンスマニア presents 夏物語 2009
toshiba EMITOCP-64373
2009.01.14CD+DVDChouzen Parapara!! presents D-1 Grand Prix 2009
超然パラパラ!! presents D-1 Grand Prix 2009
avex traxAVCD-23722/B
2008.12.24CD+DVDKoakuma Magic
小悪魔 Magic
2008.11.19DVDChouzen ParaPara!! presents I ♥ DANCE
超然パラパラ!! presents I ♥ DANCE
avex traxAVBD-91538
2008.08.06CD+DVDSuper Eurobeat 190avex traxAVCD-10190/B
2008.07.16CD+DVDChouzen ParaPara!! presents Campus Summit 2008
超然パラパラ!! presents Campus Summit 2008
avex traxAVCD-23540/B
2008.07.16DVDWe♥TechPara ~Mission Style III~avex traxAVBD-91534
2008.06.25CD+DVDDancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2008
ダンスマニア presents 夏物語 2008
toshiba EMITOCP-64361
2008.06.18DVDChouzen ParaPara!!
avex traxAVBD-91529
2008.05.21CD+DVDChouzen ParaPara!! presents 9LoveJ Super Collection
超然パラパラ!! プレゼンツ 9LoveJ スーパー コレクション
avex traxAVCD-23505/B
2008.03.05CD+DVDWe♥TechPara VIavex traxAVCD-23509/B
2008.02.27DVDChouzen Paraoke DVD!! ~Joysound Special~
超然パラオケDVD!! ~ジョイサウンド スペシャル~
avex traxAVBD-91516
2008.01.23CD+DVDD-1 Grand Prix 10th Aniversary ~Chouzen ParaPara he no Michi~
D-1グランプリ 10th Anniversary ~超然パラパラへの道~
avex traxAVCD-23455/B
2008.01.01DVDGazen Final! ~Chouzen ParaPara he no Michi~
俄然ファイナル! ~超然パラパラへの道~
avex traxAVBD-91492
2007.11.02CD+DVDLovePara² presents! Star Fire Best!Farm RecordsFARM-0105
2007.10.10CD+DVDWe♥TechPara Vavex traxAVCD-23369/B
2007.09.19CD+DVDclub complex CODE TraPara Best Round 1Exit TunesQWCE-00027
2007.08.08CD+DVDSuper Eurobeat 180avex traxAVCD-10180/B
2007.08.08CD+DVDThe Best of Gazen ParaPara!! & We♥TechPara
The Best of 俄然パラパラ!! & We♥TechPara
avex traxAVCD-23328/B
2007.07.04CD+DVDGazen ParaPara!! presents Campus Summit 2007
俄然パラパラ!! presents Campus Summit 2007
avex traxAVCD-23306/B
2007.06.27CD+DVDDancemania presents Natsu Monogatari 2007
ダンスマニア presents 夏物語 2007
toshiba EMITOCP-64343
2007.05.23CD+DVDLovePara² 4
ラブパラ² 4
Farm RecordsFARM-93
2007.05.02DVDWe♥TechPara ~Mission Style II~avex traxAVBD-91469
2007.04.25CD+DVDGazen ParaPara!! presents D-1 Grand Prix 2007
俄然パラパラ!! presents D-1 Grand Prix 2007
avex traxAVCD-23257/B
2007.04.25CD+DVDZakkauri! ParaTech
ザっくり! パラテク
2007.03.14DVDI ♥ Para+PVavex traxAVBD-91409
2007.02.14DVDGazen ParaPara Gakuen ~Tokubetsu Gentei hen~ [2]
俄然パラパラ学園 ~特別限定編~
avex traxAVB1-91462
2007.02.14DVDOboete Tanoshimeru 500yen ParaPara [2]
avex traxAVB1-91463
2006.12.06DVDParaPara High SchoolUniversalUIBZ-5039
2006.12.06CD+DVDWe♥TechPara IVavex traxAVCD-23103/B
2006.12.01CD+DVDParazoku CD+DVD
パラ族 CD+DVD
Farm RecordsPARA-0998
2006.11.15CD+DVDAi no Tokyo Call
avex traxAVCD-31125/B
2006.11.15DVDGazen ParaPara Juku ~Nyuumon hen~
俄然パラパラ塾 ~入門編~
avex traxAVBD-91420
2006.10.25CD+DVDLovePara² 3
ラブパラ² 3
Farm RecordsFARM-73
2006.10.25CD+DVDGyaru uta Furu
ギャルうた フル
2006.08.02CD+DVDSuper Eurobeat 170avex traxAVCD-10170/B
2006.08.02CD+DVDWe♥TechPara IIIavex traxAVCD-17996/B
2006.07.26CD+DVDSUPER★BEST TRANCE VI [3]avex traxAVCD-17978/B
2006.07.26CD+DVDLovePara² presents Donki☆ParaPara
ラブパラ² プレゼンツ ドンキ☆パラパラ
Farm RecordsFARM-64
2006.07.12CD+DVDclub complex CODE TraPara Best Chapter #2Decibel EntertainmentDBE-3
2006.07.12CD+DVDGazen ParaPara!! presents Campus Summit 2006
俄然パラパラ!! presents Campus Summit 2006
avex traxAVCD-17994/B
2006.06.14CD+DVDMisa Codetoshiba EMITOCP-64334
Gazen ParaPara Paradise
俄然パラパラ Paradise
avex traxISBN: 9784796653213
2006.05.03CD+DVDMickey Mouse March (Family ParaPara Version)
ミッキーマウス マーチ (ファミリー パラパラ ヴァージョン)
avex traxAVCW-12494/B
2006.04.26CD+DVDCODE After Hours: Sanmoni ~Sunday Morning Party~
CODE After Hours: サンモニ ~Sunday Morning Party~
Farm RecordsPARA-999
2006.04.25DVDParaPara MAX US Mix ~The Moves 101~ [4]Geneon
2006.04.05CD+DVDGazen ParaPara!! presents D-1 Matsuri
俄然パラパラ!! presents D-1祭
avex traxAVCD-17831/B
2006.04.05DVDWe♥TechPara ~Mission Style~avex traxAVBD-91369
2006.04.05DVDTHE TRAPARAavex traxAVBD-91357
2006.03.22CD+DVDclub complex CODE TraPara Best Chapter #1Decibel EntertainmentDBE-1
2006.03.15CD+DVDSuper Euro PartySonic Groove
(avex trax)
2006.02.15CD+DVDLovePara² 2 ~ParaPara Odoru dai Sousa hen~
ラブパラ² 2 ~パラパラ踊る大捜査編~
Farm RecordsFARM-57
2006.02.01CD+DVDParaPara HYPER BESTWarner MusicWPZR-30159
2005.12.14DVDGazen ParaPara Gakuen ~ParaPara Dayo! Zenin Shuugou hen~
俄然パラパラ学園 ~パラパラだよ! 全員集合編~
avex traxAVBD-91352
2005.12.14CD+DVDWe♥TechPara IIavex traxAVCD-17782/B
Gazen ParaPara!! Book
俄然パラパラ!! Book
avex traxISBN: 9784796649544
2005.08.03CD+DVDSUPER★BEST TRANCE IV [3]avex traxAVCD-17712/B
2005.08.03CD+DVDWe♥TechParaavex traxAVCD-17714/B
2005.08.03CD+DVDSuper Eurobeat 160avex traxAVCD-10160/B
2005.07.13CD+DVDGazen ParaPara!! presents Campus Summit 2005
俄然パラパラ!! presents Campus Summit 2005
avex traxAVCD-17706/B
Farm RecordsFARM-47
2005.05.25DVDGazen ParaPara Gakuen ~Nyuugaku hen~
俄然パラパラ学園 ~入学編~
avex traxAVBD-91308
2005.01.25CD+DVDGazen ParaPara!! presents D-1 Grand Prix
俄然パラパラ!! presents D-1 Grand Prix
avex traxAVCD-17595/B
2004.08.04CD+DVDSuper Eurobeat 150avex traxAVCD-10150/B/C
2003.03.26DVDSuper Euro Movie - ParaPara Paradise Bestavex traxAVBD-91145
2002.07.24DVDParaPara Paradise 7avex traxAVBD-91095
2002.07.24VHSParaPara Paradise 7avex traxAVVD-90143
2002.04.25VHSParaPara Paradise 6avex traxAVVD-90140
2002.04.25DVDParaPara Paradise 6avex traxAVBD-91086
2002.02.20VHSParaPara de Odorou! Eurobeat Disney
パラパラで踊ろう! ユーロビートディズニー
avex traxAVVW-12265
2001.12.19DVDDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic! 4 + 5VictorVIBP-11
2001.12.19VHSDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic! 5VictorVIVP-86
2001.11.28DVDParaPara Paradise 5avex traxAVDB-91073
2001.11.28VHSParaPara Paradise 5avex traxAVVD-90122
2001.10.17VHSParaPara Paradise presents GOTCHA! Rafu kun with ASH
ParaPara Paradise presents ガッチャ! ラフ君 with ASH
avex traxAVVD-90129
2001.10.17DVDParaPara Paradise presents GOTCHA! Rafu kun with ASH
ParaPara Paradise presents ガッチャ! ラフ君 with ASH
avex traxAVBD-91072
2001.09.27VHSParaPara Paradise presents J-Euro ParaParaavex traxAVVD-90128
2001.09.27DVDParaPara Paradise presents J-Euro ParaParaavex traxAVBD-91071
2001.09.05VHSDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic! 4VictorVIVP-84
2001.07.25DVDParaPara Paradise 4avex traxAVBD-91058
2001.07.25VHSParaPara Paradise 4avex traxAVVD-90110
2001.07.11VHSHAPPY PARADISE ParaPara Maniatoshiba EMITOVS-1419
2001.06.21VHSEuro 4 - ParaPara Howdigibeat
(Chapter One)
2001.05.30DVDParaPara Paradise Best Selectionavex traxAVBD-91333
2001.05.23VHSParaPara Collection Parabics VersionBMG JapanBVVM-31003
2001.05.23VHSParaPara Collection Club VersionBMG JapanBVVM-31001
2001.05.23VHSParaPara Collection Kids VersionBMG JapanBVVM-31005
2001.04.25VHSParaPara Paradise 3avex traxAVVD-90101
2001.04.25DVDDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic! 2 + 3VictorVIBP-5
2001.03.28VHSDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic! 3VictorVIVP-82
2001.03.17VHSEuro 3 - ParaPara Howdigibeat
(Chapter One)
2001.01.25DVDUltra Anime Eurobeat Series ParaPara MAX Dancing
ウルトラ アニメ ユーロビート シリーズパラパラ MAX ダンシング
2001.01.25VHSUltra Anime Eurobeat Series ParaPara MAX Dancing
ウルトラ アニメ ユーロビート シリーズパラパラ MAX ダンシング
2001.01.24VHSParaPara Paradise 2avex traxAVVD-90089
2000.12.21VHSEuro - Ani-Para Howdigibeat
(Chapter One)
2000.12.20VHSThat's ParaParaPony CanyonPCVP-12975
2000.12.16VHSDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic! 2VictorVIVP-81
2000.12.06DVDDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic!VictorVIBP-1
2000.12.06DVDPink Lady Euro Tracks ParaPara RemixVAPVPBF-11181
2000.09.29VHSDance Panic! presents ParaPara Panic!VictorVIVP-78
2000.09.21VHSEuro 2 - ParaPara Howdigibeat
(Chapter One)
2000.09.06VHSParaPara Stadium presents Ale' Japanavex traxAVVD-90085
2000.06.21VHSEuro 1 - ParaPara Howdigibeat
(Chapter One)
2000.03.29DVDParaPara Paradise Millenium Selectionavex traxAVBD-91013
2000.02.23VHSParaPara Paradise [1]avex traxAVVD-90071
1999.09.22VHSParaPara Stadiumavex traxAVVD-90058
1996.05.08VHSParaPara Kyouten: Stage II
パラパラ教典: Stage II
avex traxAVVD-90026
1994.12.16VHSParaPara Kyouten
avex traxAVVD-90009

[1] Contains bonus tracks not found on other formats.
[2] Part of an in-store only, retail promotion.
[3] Video only included in first print edition.
[4] Video released in North America.