Apr 252016



Hello paralists!  EKS-D is excited to announce the expansion of our sister team in Atlanta, GA.  EKS-D Atlanta has now expanded to include Georgia and its bordering states.  With this expansion, we will be retiring the EKS-D Atlanta moniker in favor of EKS-D Southeast.  EKS-D in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX will also be expanding its scope to cover the entire North Texas region.  We will still be referring to our Texas team primarily as just EKS-D, but may on occasion refer to the North Texas branch as EKS-D Prime, especially in situations where both teams will be collaborating.  We are excited to share this change in the EKS-D family with you and hope we might be welcoming you into our EKS-D family soon!

Jul 212015

Hey everyone! We’d like to introduce our newest member, Gaby. She’s been one of our convention regulars for a while and now she is officially one of the gang. Everyone give her a warm welcome and check out her debut videos for “Yesterday” by Cherry and “Wanna Be Your Emotion” by Lolita which we filmed at our most recent meet!

May 202015

Hey there dancers! We have our events scheduled for A-kon 26! As always though, be sure to check the schedule at the convention for any last minute changes. See you there!

Jun 152014

A-Kon was tons of fun! A big thank you to everyone who cheered us on while we danced over the weekend. If any of you have photos or videos from any of the performances we’d love to see them!

For those of you that are new, and even those who aren’t, we hope to see you at one of our upcoming meets (the next one is June 21st!) or at our workshop at AFest. Until then, keep dancing!

May 232014

So there are 2 announcements to make regarding conventions.  I’m sorry the first is so late in coming, but it’s good news at any rate.

1.) A-kon has approved us to perform in the demo space.  Not only have they approved us, but they have graciously given us a performance spot on each day of the convention.

Friday:  12:30pm-1:30pm Outside in the Sculpture Garden

Saturday: 4pm-5pm Upstairs near the J-pop and Video Rooms

Sunday: 12pm-1pm Outside in the Sculpture Garden

If you know the dances, please join us!  The more the merrier!

2.) Our panel for AnimeFest has been accepted.  We already have a great dance picked out so be sure to keep a watchful eye for when the panel schedule is published.

Apr 112014

So far indications are good that we will be approved for space in the demo block at A-kon.  In anticipation of the con, below is the set list we have put together for our exhibition.  If you wish to learn any of the dances and join in at the convention, we invite you to do so.  Nearly all of the songs below are linked to videos on YouTube for you to learn from.  Happy dancing!

~EKS-D ParaPara

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Feb 122014

Hello paralists! We have submitted our panel request to teach at AnimeFest 2014 and are looking forward to the convention.

Here’s where you come in. AnimeFest uses a system of promoting panels through attendee voting. If you’ve already registered for the con, go ahead and vote for our panel here: https://animefest.org/u/e/AF2014/PanelVoting?id=6664

The more votes we get, the greater our chances of teaching at AnimeFest. Tell your friends, tell your family, post it on social media EVRYWARRE! Do your part, and we’ll see you at the con!

Aug 312013

First off, a BIG thank you to everyone who attended the workshop today at Anime Fest!  I hope all of you had as much fun learning as we did teaching.  Be sure to look for us again next convention season.

As promised, lesson 1 from the workshop, “Good Time (Akyra EUROBEAT Mix)” by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, is online TONIGHT!  Go snag a copy in the media section of the site.

If all goes well, I will try to get the 2nd lesson filmed sometime before the weekend is out, and then edited and up online within the week.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks again to everyone and have a fun, safe, remainder of the holiday weekend!

Aug 232013

Just a quick but very important note.  AFest has released their official schedule it would seem and our panel has been pushed back.  The new time is now 5:00 PM, NOT 4:00 PM as it was originally scheduled.  Please make sure to note the change when making your plans for the convention.

Aug 132013

Well, we knew we had a panel approved for AFest, but now we can do one better!  We know when WHEN the panel will be!  Do keep in mind that the time and panel room assignment are still TENTATIVE.  This is all based on the preliminary email the convention sent out to panelists.  Anything and/or everything could still change so of course be sure to check the official schedule at the con with your friendly information human or in the programing guide.

For details, check out the event listing on Facebook or our events calendar.  We’re excited about dancing with everyone and hope to have a special lesson in store for you! ~_^