May 212016

So the front page of out site has been pretty quiet for some time.  You can practically hear the crickets making it their home.  However, EKS-D is alive and well.  Most of our updates and goings-on are admittedly on Facebook more than anywhere else.  And Neko² (that’s me!) is quite frankly a twit when it comes to twitter (I don’t think our twitter account has been used in YEARS).  So without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

EKS-D Prime is still meeting on a monthly basis at Addison Circle Park, and is looking to expand our activities to social meets like karaoke, laser tag, arcade visits, etc.

Going to A-kon or AnimeFest in Dallas, TX?  Look for EKS-D Prime!  We will be conducting our annual performances and workshops and getting our groove on!  Keep your eyes peeled for a song list and if you know any of the dances, feel free to dance along with us when we perform at A-kon.

We just finished filming for our participation in TechPara International, presented by Okinawa ParaPara/Kamikazerave.  Look for the release in early June!  EKS-D Prime and Southeast will be making appearances.

EKS-D Southeast is also accepting new members.  If you live in the Southeast United States (Georgia or one of its bordering states), reach out to DM Ashura about joining in!  You can drop him a line via the contact page.  Just select the option for “EKS-D Southeast.”


May 112016

Limited on drive space?  Just don’t like downloading?  Never fear!  If streaming is more your style, the entire EKS-D and Kikimo-dan video libraries have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.  Any videos that were missing from the collection have been added for your viewing pleasure.  Happy dancing!

Apr 252016



Hello paralists!  EKS-D is excited to announce the expansion of our sister team in Atlanta, GA.  EKS-D Atlanta has now expanded to include Georgia and its bordering states.  With this expansion, we will be retiring the EKS-D Atlanta moniker in favor of EKS-D Southeast.  EKS-D in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX will also be expanding its scope to cover the entire North Texas region.  We will still be referring to our Texas team primarily as just EKS-D, but may on occasion refer to the North Texas branch as EKS-D Prime, especially in situations where both teams will be collaborating.  We are excited to share this change in the EKS-D family with you and hope we might be welcoming you into our EKS-D family soon!

Jul 212015

Hey everyone! We’d like to introduce our newest member, Gaby. She’s been one of our convention regulars for a while and now she is officially one of the gang. Everyone give her a warm welcome and check out her debut videos for “Yesterday” by Cherry and “Wanna Be Your Emotion” by Lolita which we filmed at our most recent meet!