Our History

  • Kikimo-dan Founded

    Kikimo-dan Founded

    After Ali and Neko² discover parapara, they begin to dabble in choreographing their own parapara routines.  Shortly thereafter, Kimimo-dan (the predecessor to EKS-D) is born!

  • A-kon 14

    A-kon 14

    Kikimo-dan and Girljin ParaPatrol join forces to perform a special performance at the cosplay competition intermission.  On the final day of the convention, Girljin realizes they have been scheduled for a workshop (unbeknownst to them) that they will not be able to host due to schedule conflicts.  Girljin graciously allows Kikimo-dan to take over their workshop, which is conducted entirely ad-hoc.  The lessons taught are parapara classics “I Wanna Dance” / Domino and “Night of Fire” / Niko.  Following the workshop, some of the panel attendees, as well as Ash of parapara team Very Berry, join Kikimo-dan in filming a video of “Night of Fire” / Niko to post online.

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  • EKS-D Founded

    EKS-D Founded

    Following a lengthy hiatus for Kikimo-dan, the team is disbanded.  In its place, EKS-D is founded as an open membership dance troupe, starting with an initial 4 members.

  • A-kon 19

    A-kon 19

    EKS-D is invited by the head of cosplay staff to perform during the opening, intermission, and closing of the cosplay competition.  During the intermission performance, EKS-D rickrolls the convention with their original choreography of “Never Gonna Give You Up” / Kevin Johnson.  The team also participates in the execution and judging of the A-kon Icon competition, performing “Spiderman” / Mark Foster with the winning competitors during the cosplay competition.  The team also conducts an introductory parapara workshop, teaching “NRG” / Go2 and “Rocket Man” / Water Queen.  Spontaneous, pop-up performances also took place throughout the convention.

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  • AniMix 2008

    AniMix 2008

    EKS-D is invited to attend the inaugural year of AniMix as guests of honor.  The team is asked to open the convention’s Saturday evening dance with a roughly 10 min. special performance.  EKS-D also hosts an introductory workshop teaching “Fightin’ Over Freedom” / Ace and “1234 Fire!” / Fastway.  Exhibition performances featuring a wide selection of dances are also featured each day of the convention.

  • JanJapan 1.5

    JanJapan 1.5

    EKS-D is excited to attend the inaugural year of SanJapan in San Antonio, TX!  The team presents a special performance at opening ceremonies which runs approximately 10 minutes, as well as several spontaneous performances throughout the convention weekend.  EKS-D presents an introductory parapara workshop at which “Doki Doki” / SMiLE.dk and “Celebrate Nite (Like It’s ’99 Mix) / DM Ashura are taught.  On Saturday evening, the team has the honor of performing with headlining musical guests, Veronica and Hanna of SMiLE.dk!

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    Please pardon our dust as we rebuild our timeline to bring it back up to date.

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