Pokémon: Team Rocket
Completed October 2001
Worn at school Halloween '01, an exciting photo shoot with Tania/Jessie, and A-kon 13 ('02)

timed photo in my room
togepi is kyoot Ali makes a very ghetto James we are AIRPLANES! Team Rocket does not use paper, but dirt... there is a scuffle over the Pikachu... ...but those damn things are like bunnies, so we both win photo with Ash at Akon 13

Hooray for first cosplay attempts! I rather wanted to do James, but I was afraid the hair would turn out crappy like so many Jameses I'd seen before. So instead, I did the outfit of one of the generic black-uniformed grunts, mating the designs of the anime version (seen in the Saint Anne episode arc) and Pokemon Special manga version. (Random Fact: Sabrina's a member of Team Rocket in PS, and she looks really cool ^_^)

It was a very easy costume in that I didn't have to do a lot of complicated stuff - just bought some of the pieces (black shirt/pants, funny-looking hat) and used stuff I already had for the rest (piece of red fabric just lying around, Dad's old army boots, white silk scarf from one of those art&craft kits). The belt is really crappified because I just wrapped a piece of white fabric around a woven belt I already owned and basted it in place. Maybe that's why my favorite pants keep falling down...the belt originally came with them ^^;

In April 2002 my friend Lauren's sister Tania, who already had a Jessie costume, got me over to be silly and have pictures taken of us by Lauren. However, I was sad and pathetic and forgot my Pokéball! Luckily, though Tania wasn't able to bring her Meowth, she had a Togepi, and since we had gone to the playground to take photos, some little kids offered us the use of their Pikachu plushies.

I ought to have had white gloves but gloves are HOT. However, the superduper COOLNESS of my hat makes up for it. The costume is semi-retired now, because I don't like how the shirt looks, but I would like to pull it out and re-do the shirt so I can wear it again - I even have a pair of white gloves now, if I can locate them. Team Rocket is just far too fun to do!

Halloween '01: I wore this to school, and Chase Vaughn called me Team Rocket whenever he saw me in the halls ALL year ^_^v It was pretty cool...I got some cheers and some jeers, which is what I expected dressing up at a high school

A-kon 13: Heehee! Lots of people liked this costume. One guy was happy because I was the only Team Rocket member he'd seen all weekend (I found one other girl, but he prolly missed her), and I got to be silly with an Ash cosplayer. Woo!

Photos by me and Selie