Okashi na Okashi (Strange Candy): Teneko
Completed February 2003
Worn at school Halloween '02 and Ushicon 2 ('03)
Retired 2003

I keep picking costumes with awesome shoes I manage to not look dorky in this pic, yay!

I actually started this costume a couple weeks before Halloween so I would have a cute costume to wear during school. I sewed it by hand though, so I redid some parts of it later on so they wouldn't look so crappy. Plus, the fact that it was hand-sewed means that it took a wicked long time to complete the simplest thing, so I didn't finish the pieces that make it a "Teneko" costume - just a cute catgirl.

I'd had in mind to make this costume because Teneko is absolutely adorable, and when I decided to go to Ushicon (thanks, Selie, for inviting me) and then found out that Emi (the Strange Candy artist) was going to BE at Ushicon - I HAD to wear it there!

I didn't actually FINISH-finish for Ushicon but it was fun to wear around anyway - I just kinda ran out of time, part laziness and part just having other things to do so I couldn't finish everything. I never ended up completing the costume before I decided to take apart the wig, and then gut it completely to make a Phoenix Wright wig for Caitlin, but since I met Emi wearing it, all was well.

Ushicon 2: I hurriedly dressed Saturday morning to go to the Paperwings Iron Cosplay panel (which was hilariously fun to watch, although I was too chicken to participate) and managed to go downstairs without my gloves and sleeves that I'd worked so hard to complete the night before! I got attacked a few times for pictures (I know precisely the time of day Balorn got my picture, above, because I was not wearing those gloves ;P) before running back up to get the rest of my costume before the panel started. Highlight of Saturday: Running into another Teneko cosplayer, Lady Blue! I was circling around the dealers room and saw this girl...in a costume that looked very familiar! So I swooped down and grabbed her for a photo. Bad points of Saturday: not finding Emi, which made me sad, and almost running into creepy guys on the way back to the hotel from lunch (I was prepared to stand there and MAKE everybody cross the street at the intersection before this group of loitering teenage males so I wouldn't have to walk in front of them in my short skirt @_@ Luckily Selie noticed too and we called everyone else back to the intersection to cross)

Later on Saturday, after I'd changed into Shuuichi, Selie mentioned that she had seen Emi and told her about me, and that she'd be at her artists' alley table on Sunday morning, so I climbed into Teneko AGAIN (talk about love) the next day and went over to say hi ^_^; That was lots of fun! She was very happy. YAY!

Photos by Balorn and Selie