Gravitation: Shuuichi Shindou (manga artbook catboy)
Completed February 2003
Worn at Ushicon 2 ('03), ACen 6 ('03), A-kon 14 ('03), AFest '07

even though I don't have a wig, my hair is still cute silly poses in half-finished costumes are fun I am so proud of my vest!
Pink hair! It's gotta be Shuuichi! Shuuichi is too cool for you double the pleasure, double the fun~ Gravitation gathering photos (folder)

In my mind, there are not nearly enough Shuuichi cosplayers. In other peoples' minds, there are too many little pink-haired brats who run around in bright yellow raincoats. This is because people are BORING! Shuuichi has a million outfits, some of them QUITE exciting (and a lot nicer-looking on him than that yellow and orange thing) but nobody cosplays them!

This one's nice and simple, though. Just a little catboy - I picked it because I already had a bunch of the components. The arm and legwarmers were the first finished, and I'd been looking for a vest but decided that I wasn't going to find one, so I ended up buying some red courdoroy fabric to make a vest out of. With no pattern, just traced the pieces from a vest I already owned. But I was so happy with how well it came out with no instructions, although because of that same lack of instructions, I couldn't remember how to do collars so I screwed that up rather nicely. But it's not TOO easily seen.

I forgot to buy red thread to go with the red fabric I I used black instead, and made all my seams decorative. I are creative XD

Ushicon 2: Sadly, although I ransacked the house a couple days before the con, I could not find my old broken computer microphone which looks just like the one Shuuichi's holding there. I didn't have time to go out shopping for a new microphone, so I just went without (oh well, it was just a prop). I liked running around in this outfit, it was cute and comfortable. I wore it for the unofficial all-night DDR party, too, which was good at first, but turned out to be not such a great idea. Loose sandals = DDRing in bare feet. DDRing in bare feet a lot = feet ache, so sit down and rest for a while. DDRing in a cool room in skimpy clothing = perfectly fine, because the exercise warms me up. Being unable to DDR because of foot-pain in a cool room in skimpy clothing = COLD ALI! But the DDR party rocked, and I got to feel special because of the half-dozen people or so actually dancing all night, most all of them were total newbies so I got to impress them by tearing up 6-foot songs *L* It was fun. I enjoyed sitting in my chair with aching feet shivering while they stubbornly kept playing White Reflection on StepMania, determined to pass it.

ACen 6: I packed Shuuichi because it's small (as in "easy to pack up in the one duffel bag I brought") and comfortable - and it just so happened that there was a gathering of Gravitation cosplayers, so it was a good idea to bring it! I also met a guy who was wearing one of the other outfits I wanted to do (I think in the picture taken with my camera, he was looking at someone else's camera - when we stopped for me to take a picture, a couple other people pulled out their cameras as well)

A-kon 14: Yet again the Shuuichi costume appears because it's comfortable and doesn't take up much space in my bag. I did not, however, actually wear the wig/ears at Akon, because I just threw it on for something to wear (people don't appreciate it if you walk around unclothed). I think I had someone take my picture even when I wasn't completely dressed up, though o.o

Photos by me, Selie and Su-chan

Gravitation: Shuuichi Shindou (other artbook outfits)
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anime artbook red, I mean, DVD cover red vinyl ^^