Phoenix Wright: Maximilion Galactica
In progress
Planned wear date: Ohayocon 2008

I'm not sure what my obsession is with pink costumes lately, but I know my obsession with cosplaying minor (or at least not mainstream) characters, and Max is absolutely fabulous. Plus, I get to walk around calling everyone "sweetie", which is fun.

Originally, I was going to complete this and bring it to ACen, but when my friend Troppy started putting together a Phoenix Wright group for Ohayocon, and bugged me to come to the con because we haven't seen each other in ages, I had to bump up the completion date. (Also, ashamed as I am to admit it, another cosplayer announced he was trying to finish HIS Max for Ohayocon as well, and I didn't want to be second. Next thing you know I'll be just another cosplay drama whore, 'claiming' characters as my own and forbidding anyone else to cosplay them.)

Besides having the necklace complete, which is a small piece of the entire thing, I have a big pile of materials. Things such as fabric, paint, rhinestone zippers, white roses and a pair of spectacular hot pink platform boots. I just need to start putting these things together.

My wig is fabulous, though. Even straight out of the box and totally un-Maxified.