Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Larxene
In progress
Planned wear date: when I finish it?

pretty shiny beads

The main material for this is a matte black pleather, going by the in-game look rather than the cutscene look. Mostly I'm doing this costume because I would LOVE to have the coat for everyday wear (everyday in the colder months of the year, at least), but I volunteered to be a part of the Organization XIII Dinner Party at A-kon 18, so I wanted to try to have it finished by then. I didn't get the entire costume done, but I at least mostly-finished the wig so I could be a part of the group. It was based off of a fanart Syphon (Xigbar in the photo, at the left in the eyepatch) had seen with all the members in suits; unfortunately the people who had said they'd be Xaldin and Vexen flaked so we were only Organization XI.

The beads for the coat were made from black Fimo, coated with metal leaf and then glazed with a clear finish mixed with red and black acrylic to darken the shine. One of the barrel-shaped beads looks smaller in the photo, because two are smaller and were supposed to be in the center, but I accidentally hooked them together wrong (since I was taking those things apart and putting them back together half a dozen times to get the links to look good). It is fixed now but I didn't feel like re-photographing.

I mauled my Alec wig, cutting off the braid and using the extra hair to add some extra fullness to the front of the wig and make the antennae. The hair has a tendency to fall forward too much, so I'll probably take it and sew little loops around small locks, which I'm hoping will look nicer to hold the hair in place than turning it into a crispy helmet with hairspray and glue.

I plan on using the same top for both this and Team Magma, as well as the Magma boots and a pair of pleather pants I already had, so for the underneath items all that needs doing are bootcovers.

I don't know yet whether or not I'll do her kunai...on the plus side, they're small and easy. On the minus side, they're small, so why bother? I'll decide once I finish.

The coat, though, is the most important bit, and of course the part that I'm the least finished with. However, the outer shell is fairly far along, and it looks good so far. Getting the hood and zipper placed in the right spots will be the next big issue. I had to cut out the two side panels and re-make them, because I made the whole thing with doubled-over, reinforced seams and then found out that it was too loose and not fitted enough in the waist, which was quite annoying to do but it looks much better now. I've just been tired of messing with the pleather, and despairing that it will not look as good as some others I've seen, so I haven't done anything on it lately.