Fullmetal Alchemist: Izumi Curtis
In progress
Planned wear date: ???

I was trying to avoid reading/watching Fullmetal Alchemist, because it's so over-cosplayed I figured it was one of those series that somehow explodes in popularity in the preteen set and doesn't have much to back it up. But I have so many friends who are fans, I figured there MUST be some merit to it, so I picked up the first volume of the manga at Half-Price books. Then I went back and got the rest.

I fell in love with Izumi for the most retarded reason ever - I am amused by the fact that she wears bathroom slippers everywhere. There are other reasons to like her, of course, but that's the one I latched onto, because I am weird. So I figured "HEY IT'S SO SIMPLE, WHY DON'T I THROW IT TOGETHER FOR ANIMEFEST SO I DON'T WEAR THE SAME COSTUMES TO 3 CONS IN A ROW!" Then when I didn't finish it for AFest, I thought I could do Izumicon (because, haha, Izumi but I ended up having to move on that weekend. So it's up in the air, but eventually I'll get around to completing it and wearing it to a con.

It's surprisingly hard to find a good dreadlock/braid wig that doesn't look like poo. I found one but it needs heavy editing, so it's just sitting on my wig shelf waiting for me to get around to it. I also started drafting out the top, but haven't gotten the measurements tweaked fully.