Alice 19th: Frey Weilhausen (first manga appearance)
Ghetto version completed February 19 2003 (2 hours)
Worn in my dorm room for ghetto photos

I love my ghetto boots ...yep, still love them it's backwards because it's in the mirror showing off my ghetto jewelery blowing a Alice, maybe

I had the vague buzzings of an idea to do a Frey costume, since I also had vague plans to go to Anime Central 2003 (though I ended up not doing the costume for that con). So I looked around and giggled and grabbed a bunch of pieces of clothing for a...ghetto costume! Woo!

The base for the costume is a pair of dark grey tight-fitting pants I got for a birthday a few years ago (which actually fit me now), a pair of black ankle boots I picked up at Goodwill last semester ($5) and a Halloween t-shirt from Target with red writing across the front that reads "WICKED" and a little red witch on a broomstick.

The boots were made with a lot of scraps of black vinyl left over from Teneko - taped together, because they are very -small- scraps. That is why in both shots of my ghetto boot covers, the one leg is hiding as much of the other as is possible, because that one was made with the larger scraps and so has less ghetto tape on it. The white stripes are medical tape (which reappears on the wristband and shirt *L*) with Sharpie scribbled on them for the stripes and to make the curve of the boot heels.

For the shirt, I taped a piece of black fabric over the red writing (although it would probably have fit his character, hehe) and then used another couple scraps to tape on the sides of my neck (although she forgot to draw it in that picture, you can see in other images that his collar is actually a part of his shirt, connected on the sides). The decorative holes were something I DEFINITELY didn't want to actually do, so I just used the medical tape to imitate them. A third piece of the same black fabric (and more medical tape) went for the wristband (not visible in that scan, as Alice is in the way).

I obviously didn't have the proper jewelery and accessories, so I cut out a circle of paper and colored on it and taped it to a dangly earring I already had for the earring, bobby-pinned a choker I made to the other side of my hair to, ah, 'represent' his braid, and put on my malachite-hematite beaded bracelet instead of the Lotis bracelet. I wanna Lotis bracelet!

Alice 19th: Frey Weilhausen (Lotis Master)
In progress
Planned wear date: ACen 2008

Not finished, but it's a start

This is a continuation of the ghetto Frey costume I did in 2003, except I'm going to make it for real this time. When I first got the idea to do a proper cosplay of him, I had a lot of other stuff on my plate, but now that that's finished I'm going to see if I can't get it out there in time for ACen. If I finish earlier than that, I'll bring it to Ohayocon or Ikkicon, but I'm going to try not to work on it when I should be doing other things that I promised to finish *coughMaxcough*

Knowing me, that's not going to work too well. Especially since I already went to the fabric store and spent $175 on fabric for it (that's what I get for going to the classy fabric store instead of Joann's, but the black silk I found for his undershirt is to die for, and where else can you find green pleather for pants?)

Eventually I'll either 'shop some color into the current reference picture, or replace it with a non-full-body but colored piece of art. Though the colored art is missing the ribbons, so I pulled the colors from pictures of Alice, which are slightly more plentiful.