I My Me! Strawberry Eggs: Amawa Hibiki (male & female outfits)
Completed May 2003
Worn at A-kon 14 ('03)
Retired 2003

Kurage from the top Kurage from the side Me and D-chan at Akon

Me and an online friend (D-chan, yay) sort of together came up with the idea to do I My Me cosplay. It is a pretty silly and cute show, despite being super predictable.

Once we decided to do it, I went shoe-shopping madly (hah, I do this EVERY time I do a costume. The only reason I have as many shoes as any generic female is because I can't use my beat up brown hiking boots for every costume, because it'd look like crap). Found a pair that were good...but they had red laces. Why don't shoes have white laces? My Naoki shoes had black ones. I had to go to Payless and pick up a couple pairs of plain white shoelaces for these shoes and the Naoki shoes, because the ones I stole off my plain white shoes were too short.

The pants are the same khakis I used for Alec, and the shirt's a simple red thing I picked up at the local craft store. But I was really ghetto and procrastinator-y so I only did the green strips around the edges of the sleeves (nothing around the neck or the bottom of the shirt). For the same reason, Hibiki-chan does not have a jacket, because I was supposed to make it but I let it wait too long and didn't have time. But her necklace is nice?

I screwed up my wig and it looks really stupid, blar. I decided to stop messing with it because it got worse and worse XD Oh well, I still like my Teneko and Shuuichi wigs...so I'm not a TOTAL failure at hairstyling.

Kurage was located in a K-mart during a going out of business sale in the Valentines section. He came with a rose in his mouth, which I snipped out so he just has his cute pink tongue. I love him! He is so adorable, and fits so nicely under my arm, and sits up in his cute little "look at me, aren't I perfect to sit at your feet in a photo?" pose. The only problem is, he is too real - he sheds.

A-kon 14: Despite the fact that we were kind of ghetto and half-finished (my fault -_-) lots of people appreciated us! I think it was Kurage - he's so cute, he wins the hearts of everyone. Except I got confused when some girls were talking about Jellyfish, until I remembered that's what his name means *L* I guess on the DVDs they translated that? I only saw the fansubs, before it came out on DVD. We saw another Hibiki-chan (unfortunately, not on the same day that we were cosplaying it) who was -actually- cross-dressing! I told him he was cool, yay.