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Who ARE you, you weirdo?

Alicorn, of course! One might wonder if the me you have to put up with in my websites online is any indication of my real personality, considering the fact that some people hide their real selves behind a mask on the internet. Well, I say with pride that ever since I started using my screen name as a nickname in real life, I've become more and more open about my hidden insanity. What you read is what you get! Isn't that exciting?

I suppose some stalker-type people want to know intensely personal details like my full name, age, and the name of my cat. I figure enough people already know my name that I don't need to tell anymore, I was born in 1984 and you can do your own math, and I have no cat but my dog's name is Koko (she is a cream-colored cockapoo and super-adorable).

The Cult of the Baby Sketchbook

To join the cult is very simple: Buy a baby sketchbook. Use it.
And spread the word!
We can never have too many members ^_^

Why Baby Sketchbooks? Well, think about it. "The Cult of the Baby Sketchbook" has a much nicer ring to it than "The Cult of the Really Big 10x14 Sketchbook That's Hard to Fit in your Backpack," don't you think? There you go.

Besides that, baby sketchbook pages are very easy to scan. Unlike a full sized sheet of paper, you can just stick the sketchbook on the face of a scanner and go. A lot of the work I do for art class is 18x24. Ever tried to scan a sheet of paper that large using a 9x12 scanner? Oy vey. It's NOT fun.